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Financial Toolbox is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation that was set up in 2016. We aim to empower women with greater financial knowledge, resilience and confidence.

Following the success of the first series of workshops in 2016-17 aimed at working and career break women of all ages and income levels, we are expanding our reach to educate more women across WA, including school age women, women in rural and regional communities and women experiencing financial abuse and/or at risk of domestic and family violence.   This web based resource has been developed specifically to assist women in the last category.

Financial abuse is experienced by an estimated 80-90% of women who seek support for domestic and family violence [1], and lack of economic security and financial resources are the primary reason women return to abusive relationships [2].

Financial abuse is particularly malicious as it is deliberately intended to strip women of their independence, confidence and ability to manage their personal financial situation. Because of this, traditional financial literacy education is not appropriate for women facing domestic violence and economic abuse. As such, traditional financial education is not the best way to help women who find themselves in this situation.

Financial Toolbox Women at Risk committee has spent two years researching the need for, and availability of, financial education material catering specifically to women facing domestic and family violence and/or financial abuse. Our team has interviewed domestic violence survivors, support workers, women’s refuge staff, industry bodies including the Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence, 1800 Respect, staff from Legal Aid Domestic Violence Unit, social workers and others. As well as building this resource we are working to deliver a series of workshops in community spaces and working with a group of industry partners to develop financial education materials for women in refuges.

Financial Toolbox works in partnership with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, ensuring our financial education is backed by Chartered Accountants’ expertise.



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  2. Kim & Grey, 2008; Meyer, 2012; Cameron, 2014.

Your Toolkit helps women and their families facing financial or other domestic abuse become empowered through increased skills and knowledge.


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